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What is Internet Research?

Internet Research is a unique concept which had been integrated with Internet Usage Monitor v7.7 . It is aimed to study the timings and the length of time one spends on the internet daily in different countries. 

How does it work?

As soon as you connect to the internet it sends the data of the previous connection to the server. The whole process hardly takes about 15-30 seconds after which it unloads automatically. The data of the current session is sent upon the next logon.

What data does it send?

The data comprises of only 3 values which are saved in a temporary file. The 3 values which are sent are :-

  • Exact time of connection i.e. when you log on

  • Total time spent on the net (of the current session)

  • IP Address (To find out the country of the user)

How is the data evaluated?

The data is periodically downloaded from the server and fed into a custom made tool, which then generates detailed reports. These reports can be viewed at

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