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" Excellent tutorials (especially for the newbie wanting to get started.)
Your ability to get the answers people need, even when yourself may not be able to answer them directly.
The availability of source code along with the actual programs
Not making visitors register to access the tutorials
We want to express our gratitude for the above & for keeping the tradition of the internet, "the sharing of information".
We wish you the best of luck in your ventures and we will do our best to see that your works do not go unnoticed. "
Awards Department Web Designs
Experience the freedom of expression...

"  You have impressed me with your work on c/c++ graphs, and let me tell you, you really deserve the golden award, good job.  "- Xwolf

"  When I got the information of your website from an IT magazine, it was like a booster for me-as an aspiring designer of a web site... "- Sanjoy

" Thanks for taking some time out to answer my query and I really benefited from your help... "
"  I have become a regular visitor to your site and this has really charged me up by seeing your wonderful work. I have even suggested your site to my friends. "
" I have downloaded some of your prize winning code from your site and they were really MIND seeing what all we can do in C/C++ I have also developed interest in this "
 - Sandeep

" Congrats for ur web site. I also read ur article in mag@net magazine...u have done good job.. well done. " - Piyush

" I am really impressed by your site. Your programs give me an excellent help for my,I requests to all netizens to surf your site " - Nitin Patel

" Ur internet Usage monitor is a great thing a great gift for us (Usans) worrying of call costs.- Parmeet 

" A bundle of thanks for sending me the code .U are really a great person. I was amazed when I saw that my assignment is present in my mail box. " Thanks again & Have a nice time. -Rizwan Hafeez(with a lot of love).

" A big thank you!!
I spent about 20 hours over the last three days looking for the stuff you offer in you "Diary" program which I downloaded tonight. Really helpful, specially on the graphics side. "
Thanks again - Alistair

" It was good to see your immediate response. Your source code was surely helpful, thanks for the
help! And yeah, ur site rocks! " Take Care - Sarthak

" I appreciate the code.  Thanks for taking the time to help me out...........By the way, nice website I'll add it to favorites" Thanks - Tim

" Thank you so very much for helping me out. Your solution worked perfectly.............Truly        appreciate your help."Regards - Raj Aiyer

" Hello and thank you for helping me with the program. The program that you sent me really helped  me out and in the future if I need any help now I know and thank you again."- Ketan Patel 

" Wonderful!.  Best of luck to Gaurav for his forthcoming inventions "- R. Viswanathan

" I came to know about ur site from an article in the mag Tamil computer. good that I came to know about ur site. I will continue my regular visits in future. congrats to Gaurav. please keep it up. "- Sundaram Krishnamurthy

" Superb work u have done "- Mehdi

"The site is fantastic for the new users of c, c++ and even encouraging to do programs with different type of thinking"-  Benil

" Thank you for the code..............................., really appreciate your help. "- Lybra Vyrgo 

" I read about you in Mag@net .Just wonderful Keep it up "- Arup Banerjee

" Thanks a lot for all the assistance you provided me.............  " 
- Amber

" A very good site for new programmers "- Sachin

" Hey man, cool site you got here   " - Jarrett Stewart

" I have seen Independence Day program. It's really good. "- Alok

" This is my First visit to your site, I found it quite resourceful and look forward for many interesting code here... Cool site and good job "- Ravi

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