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Internet Usage Monitor v7.7

Please Support


Internet Usage Monitor is Donationware/Freeware. It has evolved over the years into a comprehensive commercial strength application, and I'm constantly improving it based on user feedback. Many long nights, hours of debugging, years of persistence, and thousands of lines of code have been invested into this product to bring it to you, free of charge! I am sure it has helped you save a few dollars or even more on your telephone/internet bills. So, if you find it useful, I ask you to please take some time to donate whatever amount you feel it's worth to support it's development.

What is Donationware?

Donationware is still a Freeware. This means that you are not required to pay for it, but  if you find the software  useful, you make a small contribution to help support its development.

How can I support?

You can support by sending any amount of money through a Demand Draft, International Money Order or even cash in any currency. Whatever amount you think it's worth,  will be gratefully accepted.

Please send all your donations to:

Gaurav Dhup
Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi - 110070

Please do send an e-mail to before sending your donation.


This software is designed and developed by Gaurav Dhup

If you have any Suggestions/Comments or have found any bugs then please mail me at or simply log on at

This software is still a freeware and you are free to distribute it to anyone and everyone you meet.


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