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Internet Usage Monitor v7.7

Frequently Asked Questions


Troubleshooting :-

Q1) I get an error: A Required DLL file, MSVBVM60.DLL was not found

Ans) This simply means hat you don't have Microsoft's Visual Basic 6.0 Runtimes installed on your system. These are freely available for download on the net and can be downloaded from or;en-us;Q290887

Q2) I get an error: MSSTDFMT.dll file not found

Ans) The file is there in the setup but it may not be properly registered. To correct the error simply find msstdfmt.dll drag and drop it on a file called regsvr32.exe which is also present in your system in windowsor system32 directory


Q3) I get an error: File Not Found, RasApi32.dll

Ans) This is because you may have Windows NT installed on your system. Please ask me for this file or simply search for it on the net .Download it and register it by the method give in Q2


Q4) I keep getting a 'Run-time error 429 Active X component can't create object' or 'Automation error -2147220989 (80040203)' message

Ans) This error occurs when you don't have a speech engine installed on your system Please click the link below to download the speech components

then unzip it and run the two exe files to install the speech components.

If nothing helps and the error still remains then check the Disable all Sounds Option in the advanced settings.


Q5) I get absurd characters on selecting Traditional Chinese Language or Macedonian Language?

Ans) This is because your system is not configured to support Asian Languages.


Q6) The General Preferences option is disabled?

Ans) This option is active only when you are disconnected from the Internet i.e. when you are offline


Q7) I get Runtime Error Type Mismatch 13

Ans) Please do the following steps :-

 1) Goto Start Menu then click Run

 2) Type regedit and press enter


 4) Then to software


 6) Then to iusage

 7) delete this iusage key

In case it is not fixed then report it at

Q8) I get Error older version of oleaut32.dll

Ans) Please install the latest version of Visual Basic Runtimes. You can download them from or;en-us;Q290887


Were you able to solve your problem. If not then do not hesitate for Support

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